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These are our available Affiliates. If you would like to Support any of the Affiliates below, please click here

Maggie's OxfordCharityWe love the idea of like minded people working together to support each other and develop ways which will benefit both organisations. We have worked in this way previously and the benefit for everyone have been huge. We're excited at the chance to work with a new organisation who can bring skills and ideas to Maggie's, and we hope to bring a sense of achievement to you and your employees by working with
British Heart FoundationCharityWe target the world's biggest killers, and Oxford is at our front-line: With no Government funding, we're currently funding over 100 research grants across Oxfordshire institutions to help us better understand and treat all heart and circulatory diseases and the things that cause them. Heart diseases. Stroke. Vascular dementia. Diabetes. They're all connected, and they're all under our microscope. Our research has given us machines that can restart hearts, the ability to fix arteries in tiny babies, the power to give someone a heart they weren’t born with, and so much more. But heart and circulatory diseases still kill 1 in 4 people in the UK. Being a part of the NEXUS programme would support us in raising funds to continue our life-saving work, help us expand our Oxfordshire presence and network, and help us spread heart health and awareness amongst the
Therapy AfricaCharityWe are a small charity with big ambitions, not only to continue to fund care package programs to our partners in Africa, but also to provide education and experience to African medical professionals by UK based volunteers.
To achieve this we require the support of a larger organisation.
360WellbeingSmall BusinessWe would love the opportunity to build local relationships, collaborate within the community, all whilst raising awareness of mental health and supporting more individuals and businesses because of this NEXUS programme. We would look to work with the sponsor within their mental wellbeing strategy, provide mental health training such as the MHFA course which is valued at £2,500+VAT and our Mind Health Ambassador course which is valued at £847+VAT, plus any advice, guidance and ongoing support that we could
Opera Anywhere LtdCharityAs we approach our 20th anniversary and embark on our most adventurous touring programme across the U.K. Opera Anywhere are reaching more and more audiences who appreciate cultural, exciting and fun entertainment. We need to grow and develop our infrastructure in order to support our charitable aims and objectives, helping to make opera more accessible to the general public, young and old, helping to bridge the gap in education, providing music and drama opportunities in under-funded school music departments. Through contacts made within a wider range of Oxfordshire businesses we hope to develop further collaborations and partnerships with companies and organisations seeking to raise their own profile and develop their charitable
ThomleyCharityThomley is a centre for lifelong learning for disabled people. We offer play, leisure, recreational and life- and work-skills training opportunities for people of all ages. Established in 1997 by parents of autistic children who were denied mainstream play opportunities, Thomley now sees more than 12,000 visits each year from disabled people. Since its original conception, Thomley has constantly evolved to become a place where disabled people of all ages and impairments along with their families, carers and friends can come and enjoy a wide range of physical and learning activities in a welcoming and supportive environment where they feel safe and are able to broaden their experiences in a rural setting. Our visitors regularly tell us that having the freedom to express to themselves is an important feature of Thomley that is very difficult to experience in their day to day lives, often due to the uninformed judgements of
Festival SpiritCharityI understand the benefits of the business community being aware of small charities like Festival Spirit and the huge impact they can have through their support. We believe that it is a great way of finding funding, expertise, volunteers and even future trustees. It is a dream of ours that a group of aspiring leaders/managers come together to take on the challenge of funding and creating a full on festival experience for a group of up to 10 life limited and disabled
BreathingspacePrivate company with under 5 employeesBike Oxford is an annual cycling event staged at OURFC on Iffley Road. The event managed by Iconic Cycling Events (the cycling division of Breathingspace) engages with businesses, charities, schools, cycling clubs, families, friends and individuals and is used by different organisations to achieve different objectives. attracting nearly 1,000 cyclists, Bike Oxford sits alongside Bike Bath and the Canterbury Bike Ride which have the same objectives. Following the success of the cycling projects Breathingspace has launched for 2020 Iconic Walking Events as an alternative to cycling. Challenge walks of 9 and 15 miles will be organised later in the year under the Oxford Marches title. (see
Edge Urban DesignNew businessesWe are a small all-lady business in a male dominated environment! We are passionate about inspiring and empowering other woman and being disruptive in our market! We would love the help and support that comes from a more established business to help us learn to grow and to enable us to take on our first member of staff. In return, we can: Draw! We have BUCKETS of endless enthusiasm, are great with ideas, are good at social media and marketing, and are great brand ambassadors and can turn our hand to anything!
The Story MuseumCharityAs we approach the re-opening of the Museum in 2020 and prepare for the next phase in our development, we are seeking to partner with organisations that can help us raise funds, develop relationships with local businesses, reach a wider audience in Oxfordshire and beyond, and spread the story magic! The Story Museum can support a Sponsor with a variety of unique opportunities and experiences, including brand acknowledgement, venue hire, tickets, and staff training. Becoming a Sponsor enables you to join us as we enter the most exciting phase in our development. Through association with The Story Museum, you’ll have the opportunity to reach new family audiences, grow your customer base and enjoy some fantastic experiences. There couldn’t be a better time to sponsor us!
B3 Potential.comSmall BusinessB3 stands for Brain, Body, Behaviour - factors integrated into all our work. Neuroscience, Mindfulness, Positive Psychology and Emotional Intelligence form the basis of our services, alongside the latest in organisational development and leadership theory. We are excited about the potential in Oxfordshire and want to see the area thrive. We could support a Sponsor by providing services up to the value of £2000+VAT such as individual or team coaching, leadership development, bespoke workshops/seminars, mindfulness or brain training, performance assessments and team
MaymessySocial EnterpriseMaymessy is an empowering cookery school for disadvantaged young people. I have founded and run Maymessy CIC entirely on my own and as a Social enterprise, it is difficult for me to network with the private sector. It would be great to collaborate and network with businesses in Oxfordshire. I would also benefit from exposure in the B4 magazine and other social media
LIFESEXPERTSStart-up / EntrepreneurLIFESEXPERTS specialise in sex and relationship education and provide preventative education that focuses on healthy relationships and healthy sexual behaviours, thus targeting damaging interpersonal dynamics and sexual violations. As a new enterprise, the NEXUS programme would give us a great opportunity to be seen and heard by the right people in business and the education sector too. We are always looking to create meaningful and collaborative relationships with other individuals and businesses and becoming part of B4 and NEXUS would be a step in the right
Headway OxfordshireCharityWe believe that through close partnership comes opportunity and innovation. The NEXUS programme offers an ideal opportunity to bring together different skill sets, experience and knowledge from which we can incubate ideas for social change within our own immediate communities and potentially further afield. Last year, there were 3,789 people across Oxfordshire who were admitted to hospital with a brain injury - following a stroke, tumour, fall, concussion, disease, traffic accident and more. A brain injury can befall anyone, from any age group or social background, at any time. The consequences of brain injury are often life-changing and long-term. Headway Oxfordshire’s vision is to be able to support everyone within Oxfordshire who has been affected by a brain injury to maximise their rehabilitation outcomes and successfully re-integrate within their
One-EightyCharityOne-Eighty was established in 2011, to support and engage young people to live motivated and successful lives through psychological and evidence-based approaches. Since then, we have supported over 3,500 young people (aged 4-18), families and professionals across multiple locations, through our intensive interventions, group work, projects, and training courses, to achieve our charitable
Age UK OxfordshireCharityAge UK Oxfordshire is an independent local charity supporting older people in our community to love later life. We work with all older people, but target most of our resources on people who are facing a struggle, whether that is through low income, poor health or loneliness. We are really keen to work together within our Oxfordshire community and across sectors to help us make a difference to more older local people. We have a three year strategic plan which includes an ambition to go through a digital transformation and increase our fundraising to help pay for unfunded projects. We are keen to find supporters who we can learn and grow with making us more effective.
ARCh OxfordshireCharityARCh - Assisted Reading for Children. We would like to work with more of the business community in Oxfordshire ; we already have an established employer supported volunteering scheme, with proven benefits for companies taking part - eg staff development, well-being, motivation, and retention in addition to CSR. We have been working with Oxford University Press via the scheme for 7 years and have in the past worked with other publishers as well as DHL, Vodafone and Bicester Village Value Retail. We are keen to expand this scheme and explore other ways we can work with other organisations for mutual benefit. We see this collaboration as an ideal way for businesses to work with the leading literacy charity in Oxfordshire to invest in the education of the future