NEXUS Introduction Event focuses on the inspirational Twin Town phenomenon

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In the second of a series of five NEXUS introduction events at Jurys Inn, home of BIO2020, we welcomed an inspirational line up of speakers to give more than a few great reasons why supporting and collaborating with local charities, social enterprises and start-up businesses can be so beneficial for everyone.

nick streeter and Brendan cross
Nick Streeter and Brendan Cross

There’s no better example of the business community and charity working together than the Twin Town events which have been running bi-annually since 2014. Created by Brendon Cross of STL and Nick Streeter of the beneficiary charity, SpecialEffect, Twin Town 2020 will see cumulative funds raised soar well beyond the £1 million mark. Guests at the event on Tuesday 4th February heard how Twin Town was created and has established itself in such a short space of time and how the benefits of Twin Town for SpecialEffect run far beyond the event itself. Find out more about Brendon and Twin Town in the next edition of B4 out later this month. Brendon commented about the NEXUS event, ‘Nexus is a brilliant example of great businesses coming together with excellent charitable causes and good opportunities to compare notes with likeminded people. Well done B4.’ Nick Streeter added, “Fantastic to have the opportunity to meet likeminded companies and charities at our debut B4/ NEXUS event and not only talk about the transformational benefits for the people SpecialEffect help, thanks to the Twin Town Challenge, but also learn more about the amazing partnerships and work across the business and charity sector in Oxfordshire.’

The NEXUS introduction events are also an opportunity for charities, social enterprises and start-up businesses to promote themselves to potential supporters, an opportunity which B3’s (no relation to B4!) Kate Reid took to tell those in attendance more about the superb work that B3 is doing and how a supporter could benefit. Kate added, ‘Hearing about the Nexus partnerships already in place was a highlight. It was obvious how much value both sides placed on the collaboration, both gaining more than they anticipated, without too much pressure on either side.’

We also heard from Leah Spasova of LifeSexperts who highlighted the growing issue of sexual abuse in the workplace and explained how a potential supporter could benefit from partnering with her organisation. Leah commented, ‘It is through partnerships that we can accomplish the brave and big goals we have and the Nexus program is a great platform that helps organisations and businesses to join forces and empower each other to reach new heights.’

A glowing example of a NEXUS partnership in operation is that between Sobell House and YouHR. Ian Mundy of YouHR commented, ‘The NEXUS event helped You HR to bring to life the evolving partnership we have established with Sobell House and some of the great work we envisage taking place to support such a great charity over the next 12 months. Thank you B4 for providing the platform and opportunity for us to further our mission to give back to our local community.’

Tim Wraith of Sobell House, who have been supporters of B4 for a number of years but can now benefit from the community without having to invest a penny, is equally engaged with NEXUS and YouHR, ‘It was great to be at the NEXUS introduction event at Jury’s Inn. Obviously I always like the opportunity to talk about the incredible work of Sobell House, but equally I loved hearing from everyone else. The NEXUS programme is such a positive initiative and a fantastic way to bring different partners together. Our partnership with You HR is such a ‘win win’ for us and its brilliant to see it working for so many others.’

To see further pictures from this event, please click here

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